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CNH18 Dispense homeopathic remedies for an individual


This standard is about dispensing homeopathic remedies for an individual. Users of this standard will need to ensure that practice reflects up to date information and policies. Version No 1

Knowledge and Understanding

You will need to know and understand:

  1. How to make the work area safe, clean and fit for use
  2. How to store and package remedies safely and in line with legal requirements
  3. How to dispense remedies safely and in line with legal requirements
  4. Factors which can contaminate or inactivate remedies
  5. How to minimise the risk of contamination
  6. Methods for promoting preservation of the remedy
  7. Different materials which may be used to contain remedies
  8. The appropriate remedy medicating techniques
  9. The information and instructions to provide with the remedy
  10. Procedures for the postage of remedies in their suitable containers
  11. The requirements for record keeping in connection with dispensing homeopathic remedies

Performance Criteria

You must be able to do the following:

  1. ensure the work area and any necessary equipment and materials are safe, clean and fit for use
  2. dispense remedies in a manner which minimises the risk of contamination and promotes preservation of the remedy
  3. dispense each remedy in a suitable form and container for the individual to take as prescribed
  4. provide clear, accurate and relevant instructions and information with the remedy 
  5. package containers which are to be posted in appropriate, protective packaging and dispatch within the agreed time
  6. keep accurate, legible and complete records of the remedies dispensed and the advice given

Additional Information

This National Occupational Standard was developed by Skills for Health. This standard has indicative links with the following dimension within the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (October 2004) Dimension: HWB10 Products to meet health and wellbeing needs This standard has replaced HM2. Related Functions Principles of Good Practice CNH1 Explore and establish the client's needs for complementary and natural healthcare CNH2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients
CNH18 Dispense homeopathic remedies for an individual
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