Welcome to the updated Skills for Health Tools website.

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Here you can find the following tools:

Health Functional Map

This tool will help you find relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS) or competences. The ‘Health Functional Map’ covers all of the functions that are needed to deliver effective health care services. It contains a breakdown of levels, starting with broad functions, drilling down to more detailed functions. The end point of the map is where the NOS/competences sit which you can download or add to My Lists (below).

Competence Search Tool

Enables you to search the Skills for Health National Occupational Standards (NOS) database for specific competences. Competences can be used for a wide range of purposes including:

  • Individual, team or service design or redesign
  • Team and Organisational Development
  • Appraisal and Personal Development assessment and planning
  • Work based assessment of competence.
  • Training and learning programmes.

Roles Directory Tool

This tool provides information about 200 plus roles taken from service.

This is a repository for the roles which have been developed by Skills for Health over recent years with health and social care organisations across the UK using a standardised role template. They are based on real roles and jobs which were accurately described at the time of development with the content designed to be ‘transferable’ across the sector. The Roles Directory is now intended as a starting point for organisations to assist them with role design work and provides information about the level of the role, its scope, functions, competences as NOS and indicative education and training which they can then adapt and update for their own local use.

Using the tool enables you to:

  • View the Transferable Role Template via career framework level and alphabetically,
  • Download an adaptable Job Description template based on the Role Template information which also incorporates the employability skills from the appropriate career framework level using the Employability Skills Matrix for the Health Sector

My Lists

The ‘My Lists’ environment has been designed to allow you to store your own unique collection of NOS/competences for any purpose. For example, competence lists could relate to role/team profiles or modules of learning etc. This new environment has been designed to make it easier for you to access your work and also to improve flexibility and efficiency when working with competence lists and be able to also transfer to an Excel spreadsheet for example.

Please note:

The use of these tools is granted explicitly that they are not for commercial gain without prior written permission of The Workforce Development Trust.

These tools are only designated for use in the UK. If you wish to use them in other jurisdictions, please contact us about licence arrangements.