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Workforce Reconfiguration Planning Tool

What is this resource?

The Workforce Reconfiguration Planning Tool, originally designed by NHS Plymouth (now part of Northern, Eastern & Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group), shows the current and proposed skill mix of staff in post for any given service and the associated pay costs. The tool also displays a current and future skill mix index, and percentages of senior staff (band 5 and above) and very senior staff (band 8 and above).

Download the tool >>> 2014/15 Workforce Reconfiguration Tool

How do you use the resource?

To use the tool, enter your current WTE in the blue column and planned WTE in the red column. This will automatically generate skill mix trees and quantify the cost of the proposed change. All costs are based on mid point of grade 2014/15 with 23% on costs.

Who is this useful for?

The tool is designed to support NHS managers, heads of service and workforce planners in planning and costing changes to their skill mix for service delivery redesign. It also provides a concise depiction of costed skill mix change proposals for use with senior managers and commissioning bodies.

How will this help me and my organisation?

This tool is designed to illustrate the skill mix of a trust’s current staffing structure and can help to illustrate workforce profiles using the ‘Christmas tree’ approach.

The tool supports NHS managers, heads of service and workforce planners to review staffing numbers within each of the agenda for change bands (nb: for ease of use, all doctor, dentists and directors are classified as band 9 and in some cases further work will be needed to define the actual costs and skill mix for these staff)

The tool can be used to depict any range of staff, from a ward to a service to a whole organisation. Built in selection criteria allow the oncosts to be set at any level to give a more accurate picture of actual expenditure. Costings are provided based on the mid point of salary in each band.

The modelling function allows different service redesign proposals to be quickly and effectively compared from a pictorial and financial perspective and forms the first step in developing initial ideas into full business cases.

Who can I contact about this resource?

This resource has been developed and is maintained by Northern, Eastern & Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and appears on this portal with their permission. Any comments or queries about this resource should be directed to David Priscott ( .