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Nursing Workforce Planning Tool

What is this resource?

This tool aims to assist nursing workforce planning and help make better decisions about cost effective numbers and mixes of nurses.

Download the tool >>> WPNursSoftJun10.xlsx

What is in this resource?

The tool includes five workforce planning methods:

  • Professional judgement approach
  • Nurses per occupied bed
  • Activity quality
  • Time task/activity approaches
  • Regression based systems.

There is an accompanying report that details the strengths and weaknesses of all the planning methods and the software tool allows calculations to be triangulated and 'what if' scenarios undertaken before a final decision about staffing numbers is taken.

Who is this useful for?

This resource is particularly useful for nurse managers and other workforce planners who are responsible for making decisions about the size and mix of nursing teams.

How will this help me and my organisation?

This tool will help you analyse and make decisions about your nursing workforce, enabling the right people with the right skills to be the best employed in your department and organisation.

How do I use this resource?

Follow the steps involved in some, or all, of the workforce planning methods presented within the tool.

You may wish to undertake the Six Steps e-learning programme either before you use this tool, or as you begin to look at using the tool. The Workforce Planning Step Guide may also be useful supplementary information.

Who can I contact about this resource?

For help with this tool please contact the tools helpdesk at / 0117 3256 500.