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CNH2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients


It is important that the planning of complementary and natural healthcare takes place through discussion and agreement with the client and relevant others (e.g. carers).  This standard is about developing and agreeing plans that meet the client’s needs.  Such plans may be subject to change as the service proceeds. Users of this standard will need to ensure that practice reflects up to date information and policies. Version No 1

Knowledge and Understanding

You will need to know and understand:

  1. The range, purpose and limitations of different methods or approaches which may be used for clients’ individual needs
  2. How to determine the most appropriate method(s) for different clients and their particular needs
  3. How to recognise those occasions when your discipline may complement other healthcare which the client is receiving
  4. The alternative options available to clients for whom your discipline is inappropriate
  5. The role which the client (and others) may take, and may need to take, if the approach is to be successful
  6. How to support and advise the client to make informed choices
  7. How to work with the client and relevant others to plan the approach
  8. Why evaluation methods should be determined at the planning stage and what the client’s role will be in the evaluation
  9. The importance of encouraging and empowering the client to be as actively involved as possible
  10. The relationship of the client’s involvement to the promotion of their health and well-being
  11. The procedures for record keeping in accordance with legal and professional requirements

Performance Criteria

You must be able to do the following:

  1. explain the available option(s) which meet the client’s identified needs and circumstances
  2. explain any restrictions, possible responses and advise on realistic expectations
  3. advise the client when your discipline is inappropriate and help them to consider other options
  4. discuss the approach to be taken, the level of commitment required and the potential outcomes and evaluation with the client
  5. check the client understands and support them to make informed choices
  6. obtain the client’s consent and complete records in accordance with professional and legal requirements

Additional Information

This National Occupational Standard was developed by Skills for Health. This standard links with the following dimension within the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (October 2004): Dimension: HWB6 Assessment and treatment planning This standard replaced CHH1,CHH2, CHH3, CHH4, CH H1 and CH H3 Related Functions Principles of Good Practice
CNH2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients
Final version approved June 2010 © copyright Skills For Health,
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