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Assessing Workforce Supply Tool

What is this resource?

The Assessing Workforce Supply Tool generates workforce supply profiles and reports from Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and other staffing databases using Microsoft Excel. It produces statistical and graphical reports based on a host of factors including staff group, pay band, knowledge and skills framework (KSF) competence, sickness and absence, age, leavers and new starters.

Download the tool now >>> Supply Assessment Tool V8.xls

Download the user guide >>> Workforce Supply Assessment Tool - User Guide v3.pdf

What is in the resource?

  • A user guide that details how to use the tool and integrate the data inputted into it
  • Data entry sheets
  • Statistical and graphical reports on the workforce that can be copied and pasted into other documents.

Who is it useful for?

The tool is intended for any member of staff who would benefit from assessing elements of their workforce supply to enable and facilitate effective workforce planning at a fully scalable level.

How can it help me and my organisation?

Whether you're looking for individual statistics, such as sickness and absence or attempting to display a more holistic report, this tool illustrates the process for you. It's designed to profile the current staff at a trust/PCT and help the organisation illustrate their workforce supply issues and aid workforce planning.

Who can I contact about the resource?

For help with this tool please contact the tools helpdesk at / 0117 3256 500.