AK3 Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation


For this unit you need to work with individuals to assist them to find and maintain appropriate housing and accommodation and any related services.

There are two elements:

AK3.1 Support individuals to identify and access housing and accommodation services

AK3.2 Support housing and accommodation services to meet the needs of individuals.

Users of this competence will need to ensure that practice reflects up to date information and policies.

This is an optional unit in the Health and Social Care NVQ/SVQ at Level 3.

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to apply:

Legislation and organisational policy and procedures

K1. codes of practice and conduct, and standards and guidance relevant to your own and the roles, responsibilities, accountability and duties of others when supporting individuals to access housing and accommodation

K2. current local, National and European legislation and organisational requirements, procedures and practices for:

K3. key government initiatives which promote individuals' life chances and opportunities to be housed

K4. different sources and funding that is available for housing and accommodation for different groups of individuals (e.g. those who have been looked after in local authority care)

K5. how to monitor, analyse and assess the implication of, and changes in, legislation and the regulatory environment; how to interpret and apply relevant legislation to the work being undertaken

K6. how to work in partnership working between different agencies which can support individuals in housing and accommodation

K7. the nature of the housing sector and the roles and functions of the principle agencies within it

K8. the duties of local authorities to house and support different groups of individuals

K9. local housing plans and strategies and how these can be influenced in the interests of individuals

K10. how to feed information into local planning forums to improve provision for individuals

K11. the agencies that need to be involved in developing housing and accommodation for individuals: local authority housing departments, housing associations, social services, voluntary organisations, private provision

K12. the different types of accommodation that are available and the forms of support they offer individuals

K13. who offers the different types of accommodation locally and more widely

K14. the role of your organisation and its services and how they relate to other agencies and services in the housing sector

Theories and practice

K15. how and where to access information and support that can inform your practice when supporting individuals to access housing and accommodation

K16. how you can access, review and evaluate information about housing and accommodation relevant to the needs and preferences of the individuals with whom you work

K17. government reports, inquiries and research relevant to individuals to seeking, applying for and accessing housing and accommodation

K18. theories relevant to the individuals with whom you work, about:

K19. the relationship between physical, social, psychological and emotional development/behaviour

K20. the impact of the broader social environment on individuals (e.g. area of material deprivation, poor housing, poverty)

K21. the relationship between homelessness and the conditions of the individuals with whom you work

K22. the practical and emotional skills that individuals need to develop in order for them to be able to live independently

K23. referral routes into and between different parts of the housing sector

K24. issues you are likely to face when:

K25. the factors that need to be taken into account when arranging housing and accommodation for individuals including risks to the individual and risks to key people and others from the individuals

K26. the benefits which are available to assist with housing and accommodation

K27. how to use evaluations of different housing and accommodation options to identify those which have been successful in meeting specific individuals' needs

K28. how to identify when you need further support and expertise and who to go to for assistance and advice

K29. how to inform and consult with others on problems and proposals and encourage others to offer and challenge ideas


K30. legal and organisational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination, rights, confidentiality and sharing of information when supporting individuals to access housing and accommodation

K31. how to provide active support and place the preferences and best interests of individuals at the centre of everything you do, whilst enabling them to take responsibility (as far as they are able and within any restrictions placed upon them) and make and communicate their own decisions about their lives, actions and risks when accessing employment

K32. the rights and responsibilities which individuals have in relation to where they may be housed and accommodated

K33. dilemmas between the individual's rights and their responsibilities for their own care and protection, the rights and responsibilities of key people and your role and responsibilities when supporting individuals to access housing and accommodation

K34. how to work in partnership with individuals, key people and those within and outside your organisation to enable individual's to access housing and accommodation

K35. how to challenge, and to support individuals to challenge, any discriminatory practice observed whilst involved with individuals:

  • seeking housing and accommodation
  • during any interview and selection process
  • when individuals have been housed.

Performance Criteria

You must ensure that:

1. you gather relevant information about:

2. you work with individuals to identify and understand the range of services that could meet their needs

3. you support individuals to:

4. you support individuals to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the housing and accommodation services that:

5. you encourage individuals to explore:

6. you encourage individuals to draw up a realistic and achievable plan for accessing and using housing and accommodation services which identifies:

You must ensure that:

1. you approach agreed housing and accommodation services to discuss:

2. you support housing and accommodation staff to meet with individuals and understand factors in the individual's background which affect their behaviour and well-being

3. you challenge housing and accommodation workers and services when they discriminate against individuals

4. you support individuals to prepare to attend meetings with housing and accommodation services

5. you provide, and support individuals to provide, accurate and complete answers about how housing and accommodation services can best work with and meet the individuals' needs and preferences

6. you provide housing and accommodation staff and services with accurate and complete information on:

7. you maintain appropriate contact with housing and accommodation staff

8. you monitor the effectiveness and consistency of housing and accommodation services' in meeting individuals' needs

9. you take the appropriate action when issues are raised about the housing and accommodation services provided

10. you work in partnership with housing and accommodation staff and services to provide feedback on the progress of individuals, the effectiveness of their work with individuals and their feelings about their contribution

11. you record and report on processes and outcomes from the housing and accommodation services provided, according to legal and organisational requirements.

Additional Information

This unit appears in the Health and Social Care Standards as HSC349 Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation.
AK3 Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation
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