AG3 Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services


This standard covers making arrangements for individuals to transfer between agencies and services. This includes all situations where an individual is referred into or out of an agency or service.  It can include referral of individuals within an agency (such as to a specialist worker).

Users of this standard will need to ensure that practice reflects up to date information and policies.

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Knowledge and Understanding

You will need to know and understand:

  1. legal and organisational requirements and policies requirements relevant to the functions being carried out
  2. the specific legislation (national and European) which relates to the work you undertake and how to take this into account in your work
  3. any particular factors relating to the agency’s policies and practices which effect the work undertaken
  4. how to evaluate your own competence when at work and decide when further support and expertise are needed
  5. the ways in which it is necessary to alter communication when working with different individuals and representatives of different agencies
  6. the protocols for sharing of information between and within agencies in order to achieve continuity of service for the individual
  7. the range of different views, feelings and concerns that individuals and other people may have about the individual’s transfer
  8. the different ways in which people react to change
  9. ways of providing guidance and support to individuals, including situations when they are distressed, anxious or angry
  10. how to deal with abusive, aggressive and discriminatory behaviour and situations
  11. the ways in which individual’s culture and gender influence your practice
  12. how to apply the principles of equality, diversity and anti-discriminatory practice to your work
  13. the rights of individuals with whom you come into contact.

Performance Criteria

You must be able to do the following:

  1. clarify with individuals and other relevant people the reasons for the transfer, and what is likely to happen and when
  2. explain clearly to individuals, and other relevant people, their roles and responsibilities in the transfer, and any statutory or agency conditions that are attached to it
  3. encourage individuals, and other relevant people, to seek information and express their views
  4. identify the support and assistance which individuals will need to help them make the transfer
  5. provide clear and accurate information about the support that will be provided and how people should seek further assistance if they need it
  6. acknowledge any disagreements that arise and negotiate, with those involved, a working consensus on the way forward
  7. seek advice and support promptly through team discussion and/or supervision as appropriate
  8. gather the necessary information on transfer requirements from appropriate people
  9. make arrangements and preparations for individuals’ transfer which are consistent with the requirements
  10. provide clear and accurate information to everyone who needs to know about the transfer arrangements in accordance with confidentiality policies
  11. make any necessary arrangements to monitor and review the individual's adjustment to change
  12. confirm individuals’ and other people’s understanding of the transfer arrangements and the reasons for them
  13. provide the agreed information, practical assistance and support to meet individuals’, and other people’s needs, within the resources available
  14. supervise individuals during transfer consistent with agency policies and practice guidelines
  15. complete records accurately and clearly and store them according to agency requirements
  16. communicate information to people who are authorised to have it including transfer of individuals’ records in accordance with confidentiality policies

Additional Information

This National Occupational Standard was developed by Skills for Health.

This standard links with the following dimension within the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (October 2004):

Dimension: HWB4 Enablement to address health and wellbeing need

This standard has replaced HSC386.
AG3 Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services
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